Creating Visual Content for Social Media

Creating Visual Content for Social Media

A course by Saturna Studio, Graphic designers

  • 110
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
US$ 19.90
56% Disc. US$ 44.90
  • 110
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
Creating Visual Content for Social Media. A Design course by Saturna Studio

Creating Visual Content for Social Media

A course by Saturna Studio

56% Disc. US$ 44.90
US$ 19.90

Learn how to create attractive and functional graphic content to boost your brand digitally

For a brand or service, the presence in social networks today is almost obligatory and necessary, since it is the fastest vehicular channel to reach potential customers. Moisés and Guillermo, or what is the same, Saturna Studio, have it very clear. That is why under his creative direction he offers his clients a 100% digital and strategic vision that gravitates around branding , social networks and his extensive experience in the field of design.

In this course, Saturna Studio will teach you to conceptualize, design and adapt the content of your personal brand, business or personal project in social networks, understanding the importance of each network, its characteristics, basic regulations, always looking for how to connect with the public.

About this course

William and Moses will introduce themselves and explain how they formed Saturn. They will tell you about their beginnings as graphic designers and their trajectory in other agencies. They will also explain what and who motivate them in the creative field.

Next, they will put you in context and talk to you about the importance of graphic design with the emergence of social networks.

You will see the difference between print and digital media, then you will review the essential aspects that a designer must contemplate to develop brand content and identify the pillars of communication for your projects.

Moisés will be in charge of telling you about the social platforms that make a difference - Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You will learn the main objective and benefit of each one, its regulations, reach through organic efforts and / or through its paid advertising channels and of course, you will see some tips to maximize their potential.

It will also teach you what is necessary for you to use, in a complementary way, tools such as Premiere and After Effects, so you can create basic animated sequences in your content. Then, you will enter Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedln, advising you on how to design for each of the platforms.

You will see how to save time in your work process thanks to the organization of files and the use of templates or templates. Tricks such as saving sources, images, audio / video files or even vector files, can be of great help for future creations. You will learn that organization and efficiency are your great allies in content design.

Finally, you will learn to export your content in the best way, as well as to publish on the different media.

What is this course's project?

You will create content for a real (or fictitious) brand, learning the process from planning to execution. You will see how to obtain optimal results according to your objectives in social networks, discovering the keys to do it in a professional way.

Who is it for?

To graphic designers, creatives, community managers and all those people who are looking to add knowledge about the development of graphic content and also, to improve their reach in social networks through graphic design and digital communication.

What you need

Knowledge is required in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and basic notions of Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere that you will see during the course to be able to develop some exercises of your final project.

New to Adobe After Effects? In that case, we recommend taking Domestika Basics courses to learn how to use the software: Introduction to After Effects.

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56% Disc. US$ 44.90

Saturna Studio

Saturna Studio TeacherPro

Graphic designers

Saturna Studio is a creative studio established in 2012 under the creative direction of Mexican designers Memo & Moi. Since then they have evolved in their universe and throughout the world with a multidisciplinary team and a network of international strategic allies, key to their global vision.

The study is characterized by reflecting simplicity and attention to detail through forms, finishes and sublime design. Constant innovation is part of its essence. They have taken clients such as Dulces de la Rosa, Coppel or CLOE, to unknown places through branding, their strategic sense, their expertise in trends and in timeless resources.