Illustration of a Nature Diary

Illustration of a Nature Diary

A course by Paulina Maciel · Canela, Designer and illustrator

  • 100% Positive reviews (17)
  • 500
  • 2h 52m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
CL$ 14.000
50% Disc. CL$ 28.000
  • 100% Positive reviews (17)
  • 500
  • 2h 52m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
Illustration of a Nature Diary. A Illustration course by Paulina Maciel · Canela

Illustration of a Nature Diary

A course by Paulina Maciel · Canela

50% Disc. CL$ 28.000
CL$ 14.000

Discover and interpret the natural world by combining watercolor and other techniques

If you are looking for inspiration to illustrate, the answer may be to go out and observe the nature that surrounds you. Its perfection, subtlety and extensive variety can be the main source to inspire you in your work. Paulina Maciel - an illustrator specialized in watercolor - is passionate about the natural world, as shown in the work of her studio Canela Estudio in designs of branding , packaging , book covers , invitations, among other products, and also in its course Botanical illustration with watercolor .

In this course you will learn to develop a naturalistic diary from your observations of nature, including both illustrations and handwritten notes. This practice exercises the ability to observe, visual description, rapid interpretation and help you understand many of the species that surround us.

About this course

You will begin by knowing Paulina Maciel, her work as an artist, what inspires her work and how the illustration became her world.

Paulina will show you some illustrated diaries of various themes and artists to inspire you, learn how they work and how they can help you improve your drawing skills, this will help you create a habit of constant and portable drawing that will help you build confidence With the watercolor technique.

You will include some handwritten notes to exercise your ability to observe, something that will help you understand many of the species that surround us.

Then you will present the materials you need to take this course, there are very few! The goal is to work a large part outside the studio, so you have to have only the basics for your exploration outings.

You will do some color theory exercises. With a small palette of pigments you can get a wide range of shades and shades in watercolor.
You will practice with the basic illustration techniques with graphite, pen and watercolor, doing some exercises to release your hand.

You will begin to illustrate the first pages of your naturalist diary with Paulina, who will teach you to illustrate a sheet with the grizzly technique. You will know the basic steps to interpret the drawing of a tree with watercolor. Then, you will use a fruit as a model, to understand the values of light, shadow and volume of an object based on a study of continuous graphite tone. Once you have this clear, you can illustrate your fruit with the watercolor technique.

You will continue your illustration exercises with some mushrooms as a model to include in your journal, illustrating them with pen and watercolor. Finally, Paulina will teach you how to pencil the outline of a flower that you will give volume with watercolor, in a botanical style.

At the end of the course you will have filled the first pages of your naturalist journal, which will also help you to have a log of your progress in the different basic and mixed techniques. You have the rest of the diary to discover and interpret the natural world for yourself!

What is this course's project?

You will take the first steps to create a naturalistic diary that you can take with you to capture your observations of nature. You will learn both pencil, pen and watercolor illustrations, as well as handwritten notes.

Who is it for?

To all drawing fans, art enthusiasts, watercolor lovers and curious about the nature that surrounds us.

What you need

No previous knowledge is required to take this course, although if you are a good artist you will enjoy it even more.

On the materials, you will need a suitable notebook to paint in watercolor and apply wet techniques, watercolors in pill, pen, graphite pencil, brushes (brushes with water tank can be very useful). And don't forget a good hat to protect yourself from the sun if you decide to paint outside your studio!

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50% Disc. CL$ 28.000

Paulina Maciel · Canela

Paulina Maciel · Canela TeacherPro

Designer and illustrator

Paulina Maciel's first encounter with watercolor took place at the university, while she was studying design; but it was not until some years later when he decided to deepen and explore the world of nature with this technique, through professional training in a watercolor academy. His first order was a wedding invitation for some friends and since then many more have come, not always related to the bridal stationery. His training in design has allowed him to take advantage of his illustrations, applying them in all types of projects.

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