Commercial Illustration with Colored Pencils

Commercial Illustration with Colored Pencils

A course by Carmen García Huerta, Illustrator

  • 100% Positive reviews (14)
  • 275
  • 3h 35m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
S/. 69.90
53% Disc. S/. 149
  • 100% Positive reviews (14)
  • 275
  • 3h 35m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
Commercial Illustration with Colored Pencils. A Illustration course by Carmen García Huerta

Commercial Illustration with Colored Pencils

A course by Carmen García Huerta

53% Disc. S/. 149
S/. 69.90

Learn from scratch to create unique and surprising illustrations from the brief to the final artwork

If you already master some illustration techniques, but you are curious to learn to illustrate with colored pencils in a professional manner, Carmen García Huerta - professional illustrator - is the perfect teacher to start in this technique full of nuances focused on commercial works.

Passionate about capturing the color and vibration of nature with colored pencils and graphite, Carmen has developed her own style that has led her to collaborate professionally for brands such as El País, El Corte Inglés, Lancôme, Cinco Jotas, Alhambra beers, Jewelers Suárez or the San Isidro festivities (2017) for the Madrid City Council (Spain). With his extensive experience, in this course he will teach you to develop illustrations with professional techniques and advice, and also, how to manage a real order, from the brief enters the email tray until the art is sent Final to your client.

What's included in this course?

First, you will enter the work of Carmen García Huerta, you will see her career, evolution and her work with clients of all kinds with illustrations for the press, fashion brands, jewelry, consumer products, institutions, among others.

Then you will know the influences that have marked and inspired it, both for commercial and other more personal works that vary from furniture designers to referents of the history of classical and current art.

Carmen will give you an introduction to the two focus of the course. First to the commercial illustration, what it is and its great references of this professional aspect. Then to the materials, colored pencils and graphite: how to use them and essential techniques to familiarize yourself with the material, the wrist movement, among other details.

After some basic exercises to color with pencils, you will receive a simulated brief from a client, requesting an illustration assignment for a chain of stores (or department stores). You will study the information provided in the briefing and depending on it you will make a moodboard or reference board that will serve as an inspiration.

Then, you will make the sketch online, you will send it for feedback and once approved (with its possible modifications), you will start drawing in detail.

The drawing phase will be done in two stages: first you will go from the sketch to the detailed drawing of all the elements of the illustration. You will learn different techniques that Carmen uses for her work and then move on to the next phase: digitizing and assembling the final composition in Adobe Photoshop with the latest color touches.

Finally, you will prepare the final illustration and adapt it to the different formats of the final art.

What is this course project?

You will make an illustration with colored pencils based on a detailed brief of a client.

Who is it aimed at?

To cartoonists or illustrators who wish to enter the market of commercial illustration.


You will need previous knowledge of drawing in any technique, although in this course you will focus on colored pencils, and also, basic handling of Adobe Photoshop.

Regarding the materials, you will need: colored pencils, graphite pencils, eraser, cutter, special pencil sharpener, special papers for colored pencil, plain paper to protect what is drawn, variable size brushes to color and clean the drawing, computer and scanner.

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Carmen García Huerta

Carmen García Huerta TeacherPro


Carmen García Huerta is a native of Madrid (Spain). He studied Advertising and Public Relations at the Complutense University of Madrid, but has drawn his entire life in a self-taught way. After a brief foray into graphic design, he immediately gave way to commercial and fashion illustration, a sector in which he has been working for more than fifteen years both inside and outside Spain.

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