Creation of a Streetwear Brand

Creation of a Streetwear Brand

A course by smithe, Designer

  • 92% Positive reviews (39)
  • 850
  • 2h 56m
  • Audio: Spanish
US$ 19.90
56% Disc. US$ 44.90
  • 92% Positive reviews (39)
  • 850
  • 2h 56m
  • Audio: Spanish
Creation of a Streetwear Brand. A Design course by smithe

Creation of a Streetwear Brand

A course by smithe

56% Disc. US$ 44.90
US$ 19.90

Conceptualise, produce and commercialise your first clothing collection

The streetwear , more than a fashion, is a way of understanding life that is born of skate, surf and hip hop in the United States between the 80s and 90s, and today is present everywhere. Smithe, an urban artist and designer, is passionate about the streetwear culture [i] and his 10 years leading the creative direction of the Tony Delfino brand prove it.

In this course you will learn how to create a streetwear brand from scratch, starting with the concept to how to market it in an online store.

What's included in this course?

You will start by getting to know Smithe, who will tell you about his career as an art director in fashion brands and his main influences.

You will look for references to define the creative direction of your brand, you will define a concept and from there, you will create a name and a logo.

You will make a moodboard in Adobe Illustrator to specify the style you are looking for, and then choose the materials and garments of your first collection; Smithe will work on the design of a shirt, a sweatshirt, a hoodie , patches and stickers .

You will design the first sketches for each of the garments. You will digitize the designs with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and apply them to a mockup to visualize it and fine-tune some details.

Smithe will give you useful tips to find suppliers that bring experience to your project and help you print, embroider and even improve your designs for each garment.

Finally, you will see how to photograph your collection with simple resources to show the garments in a professional manner. To do this, you will make a product photo shoot and lookbook and you will create a basic online store to market your new brand of streetwear .

What is this course project about?

You will create a brand of streetwear step by step, starting with the name and ending with the design of a collection of five items.

Who is it for?

To designers, illustrators and lovers of culture streetwear .


To complete this course, you must have basic knowledge of graphic design and digital photography, as well as know how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

On the materials, it is necessary to have a computer with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator installed.

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56% Disc. US$ 44.90


smithe TeacherPro


Smithe is an urban artist, illustrator and Mexican designer who has spent more than a decade working on his style and perfecting the narrative of his images, along with his artistic and creative work for the fashion brand Tony Delfino.

Influenced by Japanese anime, the graphic style of the 50s and science fiction movies, at the age of 13 he begins to paint graffiti just for fun and as a hobby. Self-taught and evolving, attracted by the fine arts, Smithe has constantly reinvented his own style and in recent years has dealt with many issues in his work, such as existentialism, the individuality of the human being and the machine inside.

Smithe has exhibited his work in galleries in Mexico, the United States, Germany and England. His murals can be seen in those same countries as well as Spain and Belgium.

39 ratings / 92% positive ratings