Urban Art: from Digital Illustration to Large Scale Murals

Urban Art: from Digital Illustration to Large Scale Murals

A course by Ceroker, Urban artist and graphic designer

  • 100% Positive reviews (3)
  • 106
  • 2h 33m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
CL$ 14.000
50% Disc. CL$ 28.000
  • 100% Positive reviews (3)
  • 106
  • 2h 33m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
Urban Art: from Digital Illustration to Large Scale Murals. A Illustration course by Ceroker

Urban Art: from Digital Illustration to Large Scale Murals

A course by Ceroker

50% Disc. CL$ 28.000
CL$ 14.000

Scale up your designs to large format illustrations with the spray paint technique

Can you imagine working transforming spaces such as rooms or ordinary street walls into extraordinary universes? Broadly speaking, that is what Camilo Gordillo does or, as everyone knows him, Ceroker. The urban artist and graphic designer creates illustrations and gives life to characters who tell stories in the spaces he paints, staining them with color and joy, whether on behalf of clients or on their own.

In this course you will learn to pass a digital illustration to a large format mural (or canvas). You will learn from the digital sketching phase to the part of transferring it to the physical space, where you will paint the illustration using the spray.

What's included in this course?

Ceroker will tell you about his beginnings in the world of graffiti , his studies and his passage to muralism and illustration. He will show you some of the projects he has done for various clients and will tell you about his artistic influences.

You will see how to approach a client brief. The teacher will explain your conceptualization process to maintain the artistic essence despite being a commercial commission.

You will take a walk through the origins of graffiti , its evolution and early exponents. You will learn to familiarize yourself with the spray and with terms such as east pressure, pressure on the nozzle, distance with the wall, movement of the body when painting, covering, filling or blurring.

After searching for graphic references and thinking about ideas in your conceptualization process, it will be time to capture them in your first sketches or digital illustrations. You must define the subject, characters and significant elements to tell a story. You will also decide the colors you will use and the wall where you will make your composition. Ceroker will tell you about the characteristics that a mural should have and how to prepare it.

Once your illustration is done, through an app provided by the teacher you can view your illustration on a wall from the cell phone. After that, you will proceed to make the line of the sketch following the proportion of the original design and then fill it with color. You will add the extra details that remain, and you will only have to sign your work!

Finally it is important that you photograph or film your mural and of course, that you promote it on social networks. Being in a public space you never know how long it will be exposed, and if it is an ephemeral work ... what better than to record your work in your networks so that everyone can enjoy it.

What is this course project?

You will make a digital illustration and then pass it to a large format wall with spray.

Who is it aimed at?

To designers, illustrators, artists or people who are in urban art and who want to move from small to large format.


Basic Illustrator knowledge and basic design notions. Regarding the materials, you will need aerosols (Ceroker uses Montana 94 but it is not mandatory that these are), different types of caps or nozzles, a large format wall or canvas, a computer or tablet, a pencil And a paper.

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50% Disc. CL$ 28.000


Ceroker TeacherPro

Urban artist and graphic designer

Ceroker is a Colombian urban illustrator and artist who began painting at age 14. The fact of having a definite social thought and studying graphic design led him to understand graffiti at another level, he became interested in typography and took advantage of everything he could learn to evolve his style until he decided Dedicate to yours. Without finishing his degree he worked in a studio as a graphic designer and collaborated on several occasions developing logos and corporate images.

He created the collective of street art A Tres Manos Estudio. Today he is one of the most important representatives of Colombian Graffiti where he stands out for his use of color, his characters and the stories he tells in each of his murals.

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