• 5 Travel Photography Accounts to Inspire You in 2021

    5 Travel Photography Accounts to Inspire You in 2021

    Photographer Sandra Holmes shares a list of the Instagram accounts she goes to for inspiration when planning trips Slowly, the time is approaching to start traveling again. I'm one of those people who starts preparing weeks before a trip. I want to make the most of my vacation before I’ve even started packing my bags. I begin sorting out books, guidebooks, and brochures, and use Pinterest to gather interesting information. I also read books and watch movies that immerse me in my destination's atmosphere. This is all part of my creative routine that not only helps me organize my trip logistically, it's also preparation for documenting my travels through photography.

  • Top Tips for Mastering Night Photography

    Top Tips for Mastering Night Photography

    Would you like to have the ultimate guide to night photography? Check out these essential professional tips If you have tried night photography you may have found it is a different process to photographing in daytime! The reason is that you don’t rely on your light meter in the camera. My Domestika course, Introduction to Digital Photography in Manual Mode, is on how to use your camera in manual mode and you need to understand this process to be able to use long shutter speeds for night time photographs or to make water look smooth.

  • “Working Together, Apart”: Reinventing Relationships Between Teams and Clients

    “Working Together, Apart”: Reinventing Relationships Between Teams and Clients

    Sagi Haviv explains how the rebranding of discovery+ and Panda Global logos helped his team to reinvent their working methods In March 2020, when the pandemic hit, like everyone else, we were nervous about impact on our business. There were two main worries: one, that clients might be skittish about initiating or continuing design projects when the world was in crisis. This worry very quickly lifted when we discovered that many companies were eager to use the downtime of the pandemic to continue and even to accelerate their engagement with us. The second concern was more existential: working collaboratively and in person—both within our office and with our clients—has been at the core of our practice for decades.

  • How to Create a Homemade Stencil for Stamping By Hand

    How to Create a Homemade Stencil for Stamping By Hand

    Learn to create a stencil out of homemade materials with Texture Factory If you're looking for an easy activity you can do using materials you already have at home, or perhaps to carry out with the little artists you have running around, you've come to the right place! Hi! I'm Gabriela Rodríguez, founder of the creative studio, Fábrica de Texturas (@fabricadetexturas), which specializes in DIY projects and recovers traditional and artisanal techniques to give them a unique, contemporary twist. In this blog post, I share a step-by-step process for making a template you can use to create hand-stamped pieces like this one:

  • 5 Creative Ideas for Instagram Reels

    5 Creative Ideas for Instagram Reels

    Get the most out of these 30-second-long vertical videos for your Instagram profile Last week, I talked about what Instagram Reels is. Many creatives have started using this new format of short vertical videos that last 15 to 30 seconds. I highly recommended using this tool and the new formats that Instagram is launching since the algorithm usually makes them stand out. In this case, it is also a perfect content format for creatives and very suitable for attracting an audience that increasingly prefers short, visual, and easy to assimilate content. This content is especially interesting to connect with younger generations; both millennials—those who are now between 32 and 26 years old—and Gen Z or Zillennials—born between 1995 and 2009. Let's explore some ideas to get the most out of this format with some examples from the Domestika teachers who already use it:

  • How to Create and Record Your First Instagram Reels

    How to Create and Record Your First Instagram Reels

    Get the most out of these fun vertical 30-second videos. Instagram Reels launched in August 2020 and, since then, many Instagrammers have started using these new short—think 15 or 30 seconds—vertical videos. It is the perfect format for creative minds and suitable for scenarios where fast, visual, and easy-to-assimilate content is preferred. If you haven't tried them yet, I'll teach you in these simple steps how to start making your own reels on Instagram.

  • Puño Recommends: José Antonio Suárez Londoño

    Puño Recommends: José Antonio Suárez Londoño

    Get inspired by the refined work of this influential Colombian cartoonist José Antonio Suárez Londoño is, until someone proves otherwise, the best artist in Colombia. The funny thing is that Suárez Londoño apparently draws without characters and without history. I say "apparently" because that is his story. He spends his life drawing anything: all the plants in Doña Gloria's garden, something he found in an old photograph, some mathematical game applied to drawing, endless variations of the same object... or whatever.

  • A Guide to Launching a Print Business

    A Guide to Launching a Print Business

    Tips for how to turn your passion into a business Selling prints is an excellent way to get to know your followers and explore new markets (added bonus: it also brings in extra income!). Why not give it a go? Pay attention to how your followers respond–their feedback will guide you on how to move forward. If you are an illustrator, my advice is that you experiment with different print companies and printing techniques. This way, you can evaluate which options work best for you. If you’re having any doubts about selling your illustrations, here is a quick guide that will hopefully answer any questions you have. 1. Spend money to make money If you have decided to start selling your illustrations as prints, you should be aware that it is unlikely that you will make a profit straightaway. First, you will need to spend money in order to build up your stock. Spend an amount that you can later increase. Bit by bit, you will get a clearer idea of how things work and what you need to do next. 2. Price range I recommend offering a range of products so that you have a range of prices (include more accessible items such as stickers or postcards). This way, you will be able to see which products work best so that later you can reproduce more of them. The more affordable items will sell quicker. My large format prints that are printed on high-quality paper take longer to sell because of the cost. I tend to produce stock when I have an upcoming opportunity to sell in person (such as at the Feria Domestika). Producing stock for an upcoming event will guarantee that you will at least earn back your production costs.

  • 10 Steps to Make a Self-Portrait Collage

    10 Steps to Make a Self-Portrait Collage

    Follow the steps below to create a unique collage with the materials you have at home I recently shared techniques and ideas to create collages at home with your family in a Domestika live chat. After the live chat, I received several beautiful portraits of the Domestika community. I decided to document the process of portrait collage as a photo tutorial to share with everyone. Read on as I explain how to create a portrait and give it a personal touch step-by-step: 1) Gather all materials We are going to use various types of paper, scissors, glue, and a mirror. We will not need pencils or markers. Best to keep them off the table. Now we need to look at ourselves in the mirror with affection. Remember that a self-portrait not only depicts us physically but also reveals something about us: what we feel, what we desire, what excites us and represents us.

  • How to Promote Yourself and Your Work to the Right People

    How to Promote Yourself and Your Work to the Right People

    Learn to sell your talent to the right people, in the right space Once you have put together a portfolio that best demonstrates who you are as an artist, you need to do two things: 1) get your work and your art in front of the right people 2) convince them that you are the right person for the job. Today, we are sharing five basic industry tips that will land you your dream job:

  • Domestika Projects: Watercolor Portrait Notebook

    Domestika Projects: Watercolor Portrait Notebook

    Discover the creative process behind Carlos Rodríguez Casado’s watercolor portraits Here, I (Carlos!) am sharing my project from my second Domestika course, in which I show you tricks for making a notebook for portraits using simple watercolor techniques. Filling those first few pages of a new notebook can seem a daunting task: as those blank pages stare up at you, you feel nervous that you might ruin them with what you’re about to draw or paint. To combat this fear, you should use the first few pages as a catalog of techniques that you are going to use and different effects. You are going to work with watercolor pencils, watercolor paints, and a refillable brush pen (Pentel) filled with paint diluted with water. Save a section of this catalog for testing out what happens when you mix different techniques.