• Illustrator Micro-tutorials by Marc Edwards

    Illustrator Micro-tutorials by Marc Edwards

    Australian designer Marc Edwards shows us how to create perfect icons in Illustrator in just a few seconds Icons. They’re everywhere: a universal language to express all sorts of words, ideas, and concepts, synthesizing what we want to say and communicating it directly. Mapping language is an art that not everyone is good at, as well as finding the logo that best says what we want it to, a designer faces the challenge of making sure anybody can recognize it in an instant. Excellence also requires simplicity and speed. Marc is an expert at this and he was kind enough to share some of what he’s learned on his Twitter profile.

  • 10 designers and 3D artists you should know

    10 designers and 3D artists you should know

    We asked the Domestika community in Instagram who are their favorite 3D designers We asked our community who were their favorite 3D artists and designers. Here are the character creators, VFX specialists, animators, surreal artists and even toy designers that we all admire. Mikefly (@mikefly) Popular cultural references, TV characters and carefully modeled objects abound in Mikefly's work. Senior Designer at the Mexican creative studio La Sociedad, his personal style exudes charm and playfulness in equal parts.

  • Where to Download 3D Objects for Free

    Where to Download 3D Objects for Free

    3D illustration and design expert Zigor reveals a few of his favorite sites to download material for limitless 3D projects 3D has become a crucial model for digital production, whether that’s in 3D printing, animation, video games, architecture or industrial design. Below are a few of the best platforms for finding 3D objects online, recommended by designer and illustrator Zigor Samaniego (@zigor), for anyone starting out in the professional world of 3D needing resources to realize renders when working on Cinema 4D. Thingiverse Considered to be the largest community of 3D printers in the world, Thingiverse is a free website where users share all kinds of digital material and anyone can generate new material on it and then print it in 3D. The site has a repository of more than 1.4 million 3D models created by its community and the designs are regulated by Creative Commons licenses. In addition, all objects have a description and instructions on how to print them.

  • What is a 3D Rendering?

    What is a 3D Rendering?

    You may have heard the word render a thousand times, but you might still not know what it means exactly. Here, you'll find the answer. In general terms, rendering for a 3D and CG job, also known as 3D rendering, is the process of reproducing an image based on three-dimensional data stored in a computer. This takes raw information from a 3D scene (polygons, materials, textures and lighting) and calculates a final result, which is known as "output" and is usually a single image or a series of compiled images. A rendering can simulate realistic lighting, shadows, atmosphere, color, texture and optical effects such as light refraction or blur seen on moving objects. It may also not be realistic at all, made to transform the output into something that looks like a painting or an abstract image. What is a 3D rendering used for? 3D renderings give audiovisual creators new possibilities. It allows videos to be made without having to record real locations or objects. Industrial designers use them to simulate specific situations and use cases. For architects, they are a powerful way to visualize buildings, complexes, houses or even to recreate ancient structures. Advertisers and graphic designers use them to get more striking results. They are also used in video games, digital art, medicine or even in gastronomy, to offer more immersive experiences.

  • The 20 essential shortcuts to boost your Cinema 4D productivity

    The 20 essential shortcuts to boost your Cinema 4D productivity

    Speed ​​up your workflow in any 3D project with these shortcuts for Cinema 4D The world of 3D has plenty of tools for almost anything you might need, from modeling, texturing and animating, illuminating, generating fluids, land or integrate advanced physical models in your designs. Cinema 4D is one of the most advanced programs for creating 3D graphics and animations, perhaps the most widely used and recognized by the worldwide creative community. True professionals know all the secrets of this software, but the first thing you must learn to become one and improve your workflow with Cinema 4D is the keyboard shortcuts for the most important tools. Here are a few essential ones you should know to be more efficient when working in your designs with Cinema 4D:

  • 10 essential shortcuts to master Adobe After Effects

    10 essential shortcuts to master Adobe After Effects

    Be more efficient in your motion graphics workflow using these shortcuts in After Effects There are two ways to multiply your productivity during the creative process: have a good team and know the essential keyboard shortcuts. Like many other programs, Adobe After Effects lets you perform actions and select options much faster using key combinations. This helps simplify various repetitive tasks we sometimes have to perform in After Effects and allows us to focus on the creation and composition of professional-looking motion graphics and effects special. These are the 10 essential shortcuts you should know to be more efficient in After Effects CC: