• Domestika Creatives: Jordi Labanda
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    Domestika Creatives: Jordi Labanda

    The renowned illustrator opens the doors to his studio to talk to us about his universe and creative process His first job in Spain was for the newspaper La Vanguardia was "a dream come true". The paper was iconic to him, a place where great illustrators lined its pages. This collaboration started in 1994 and continues to this day in the paper’s Sunday supplement. Its beginning was a pivotal moment in Jordi’s career. From then on, his characters began to form part of the collective imagination, establishing the Jordi Labanda universe. After a professional career of 25 years, Jordi Labanda (Uruguay, 1968) defines himself as an artist by commission. He currently works with publications like Vogue Japan and Harper’s Bazaar and his illustrations have covered magazines like Vogue USA and The New York Times. He has also collaborated with huge companies such as Louis Vuitton and Tommy Hilfiger, to name a few. Sat in his studio, Jordi explains his trajectory, his working methods, his characters and the key to being a good illustrator.

  • Domestika Masters: Colita
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    Domestika Masters: Colita

    We speak to the photographer who has captured many of the 20th century’s most famous faces, stories, and personalities, and discover what defines great photography and makes a great photographer Isabel Steva Hernández (Barcelona, 1940) has always been known to those around her as Colita. While photography has had a big impact on her life, now, at almost 80 years old, it’s no longer at the center of it. She no longer needs what for decades was her way of life, her way of survival, her way to have fun. Here, she shares what defines great photography what makes a great photographer.

  • Domestika Creatives: Marly Gallardo
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    Domestika Creatives: Marly Gallardo

    We chat with the vector artist about growing up, what inspires her, and her creative process Full of energy, charismatic, and open. Meet Marly Gallardo. Born in Ecuador and raised in New York, the artist says she’s addicted to metropolises and finds herself strangely drawn to them. She creates vector illustrations–a format which has become her trademark. Her work has appeared in campaigns and editorial publications for The New York Times, United Nations, Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, Adobe and more.

  • Domestika Creatives: Paula Bonet
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    Domestika Creatives: Paula Bonet

    The noted author, painter, and writer–who has had nine books published–invites us into her studio to talk about her career, her journey as an artist, and her upcoming projects Paula Bonet (born 1980 in Villarreal, Spain) is a multidisciplinary artist who defies labels. Over the course of her career, she has worked with so many different techniques and styles that it is impossible to define her art in just a few words. She first received recognition for a style of drawing which she has now distanced herself from and says she no longer “trusts”. Moving away from that has enabled her to focus on what’s really important to her: finding her own identity.

  • Domestika Creatives: Gary Baseman
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    Domestika Creatives: Gary Baseman

    We spoke with artist Gary Baseman, creator without limits and father of a world that bears his signature. He might be defined as an illustrator, in that what he draws comes to life, but Gary Baseman doesn’t just illustrate and design, he creates whole worlds that surround him and those who follow him. Don't miss our interview with him in which he tells us more about himself, his projects and his life, never far away from a notebook:

  • Domestika Masters: Enric Huguet
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    Domestika Masters: Enric Huguet

    We got to know the human side of one of the design world’s most renowned pioneers, who defines the designer as a "poet of the world’s images". Enric Huguet Muixí (Barcelona, 1928) is one of the fathers of graphic design and illustration in Spain. He made his name creating some of the most iconic posters of the 50s and 60s and designing brands and other commercial communication, most often in the pharmaceutical sector.