Domestika Diary: Weekend Creative

Product photography and art direction duo Weekend Creative take us on a day in their life as they make their podcast, shoot photos, and visit the places that brought them together.

Weekend Creative (@weekendcreative) is a creative duo made up of Arabela and Elle, who specialize in stop motion and playful and creative brand photography. The two of them have collaborated with the likes of Benefit, Camelbak, and Saint Jane.

No matter what they’re working on, they demand just two things from a client: “you need to know how to have fun” and “you have to prefer the weekend.”

In this Domestika Diary, you will see where the pair met, what they do, and why they work so well together.

The great thing about working in a team is that each person brings different qualities to the table. Elle and Arabela even start their days differently: while Elle is the early bird who opens up the studio in the morning, Arabela is the nightowl who shuts up shop at the end of the day.

The pair create all kinds of content, meaning that their days are full and never the same. But that doesn’t mean they make it up as they go along.

Weekend Creative coordinate their efforts so that Elle can write a blog post and paint the sets for numerous upcoming shoots in one paint session, while Arabela makes and photographs the cocktails they are going to be drinking during the next recording of their podcast Per Our Last Email.

As a special treat for Domestika, Elle and Arabela take us back to where it all began, San Jose State University, where they met in an Intro to Studio Light Class.

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After a quick tour of their alma mater, it’s back to the studio, with Elle heading home after a long day’s work while Arabela stays behind to edit photos and the podcast.

If you want to learn how to create scroll-stopping photos for Instagram, keep an eye out for Weekend Creative's upcoming online course on Domestika.

Keep up with Weekend Creative on Instagram @weekendcreative and check out their podcast @perourlastemail.

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