5 Courses on 3D Modelling with Maya

Give free rein to your imagination and transform your ideas into 3D images with programs like Maya

If you are passionate about creating amazing graphics from scratch, chances are your future is in 3D modeling. Thanks to software like Autodesk Maya, it is now relatively easy to model your ideas and make them look close to real on screen. In these five courses, the best professionals in the industry share how to master the program and learn 3D modeling with Maya.

Introduction to Autodesk Maya, a course by Miguel Miranda

The first logical step to become a 3D modeling professional is to learn the basics and how to handle the tool that will be the basis of our growth within the discipline. This Domestika Basics led by Miguel Miranda will help you take your first steps in Autodesk Maya, learn the most useful tricks, and start shaping your ideas.

Character Modelling in Maya, a course by Fer Aguilera Reyes

Once you have mastered the basics of Maya, it is time to get down to business and start creating. With the help of Fer Aguilera, you can start to let your imagination go and create your own collection of characters modeled in 3D. In this course, he explains how to do it step by step, incorporating all the complexity that you want to include.

Introduction to the Creation of Characters and 3D Modelling with Maya, a course by Cecilia Meade

Programs like Desktop Maya give us the technical capacity to develop our full creative potential. In the case of Cecilia Meade, this translates into characters with a kawaii touch and textures closer to the art toy. You can learn to develop this style of character on her course.

3D Hair Creation with Maya XGen, a course by Juan Paulo Mardónez

Once your character's shapes are fully defined, it's time to add textures. Hair is one of the most striking elements in 3D creations and it can be applied to all kinds of objects and characters. These lessons from Juan Paulo Mardónez are pure gold for those looking to give their designs a twist.

Introduction to Hard Surface Modeling, a course by Victoria Passariello Fontiveros

On the other end of the spectrum to the visually soft and fluffy textures of hair are the metallic styling effects that can be achieved with the hard surface modeling techniques that Victoria Passariello teaches you to create in this course. Ideal for creating all kinds of robots, landscapes, vehicles, or elements that would be at home in any dystopian story or science fiction scene.

Check out the rest of Domestika’s courses on Desktop Maya here.

English version by @harry_davies.

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