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Botanical Design Tutorial: Frames with Succulents

Discover ideas to design and compose a painting with succulents of different shapes, colors and shades with Compañía Botánica.

Botanical design uses nature as an artistic tool: the succulents and their forms are converted into drawings and pigments, whose great variety and versatility can contribute to our creations.

In this tutorial, Ceci from Compañía Botánica (@ciabotanica) gives us some design and composition ideas to take advantage of the succulents in our botanical design projects. You can see the video here:

4 tips to create your paintings with succulents

1. Monochromatic frame composition

Although there are many varieties of succulents in different colors and shades, we should consider choosing all plants of the same color to create a chromatically smooth composition.

Remember that the color of the succulents we choose will determine the type of care they will need. For example, if we decide to create a composition with succulent greys, we will have to place our piece in a very luminous place, otherwise it can get damaged, grey and stretched.

If we do not intend to place our frame in a sufficiently luminous place, it is worthwhile to propose a monochromatic piece of intense green colour to obtain a frame with a lot of chlorophyll.


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