Domestika Diary: Aaron Walls

The photographer shares how to take photos without having to leave the house

Being a photographer doesn’t always mean counting on the best equipment or circumstances: photography depends on the eye of the maker and their capacity to see the expressive possibilities of their surroundings, regardless of their limits.

In today’s Domestika Diaries, the portrait photographer Aaron Walls tells us how his work as a professional photographer is developing every day. Walls doesn’t stop looking for opportunities to create content from his home and remain active on social media.

Learn more in the following video:

Aaron always seeks to capture human emotion, searching for the most intimate side of his subjects. His partner, who is also a photographer and model, and him have not stopped working during the last few months and thinking of new ways to approach their craft, despite being confined to their home.

Domestika Diary: Aaron Walls 3

Staying active online has become one of his biggest challenges. Here are a few pieces of advice he has for doing so:

- Go through your old hard drives and previous photography sessions. You ay be able to give new value to old photos with new techniques or a fresh perspective.

- Dare to get creative at home. A cup of water, a mirror, a projector, a glass that lets you play with the light, they’re all elements that can help creates captivating images.

- Enjoy the ritual of posting on social media. Choose photos that you like, retouch them, adapt them to the format. It’s a great way to improve your skills, the images, and your time. Once they’re up, don’t forget to interact with your followers.

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