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Bruno Sellés, creative director of the Vasava design studio, tells us about his constant experimentation

Becoming a reference design studio in the world of creativity is not an easy task, but Vasava has done just that. Since it was founded in 1997, it has become one of the most interesting hotbeds of creativity and talent on the Spanish-speaking scene, due to their attention to detail and obsession with treating each project as if it were their first.

And they don't keep their talent to themselves: for some years now, they have been organizing creative talks and conferences in which they share their vision of creativity with the rest of the world, always connected to their constant research and multidisciplinary work.

Bruno Sellés, creative director of Vasava, talks about his experimentation and some of his most important projects, such as his collaboration with F. C. Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid.

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A design studio in the broadest sense

Branding, custom typography, editorial, and digital design, motion graphics, Bruno Sellés is the creative director of a studio that has constantly been breaking new ground since he founded it with his father, Antoni Sellés, in 1997. After working in parallel for a few years, father and son decided to join forces to start Vasava.

But both had already worked together before: Bruno says that, at just two years old, he already "helped" his father give a touch of color to a poster for Escoles de Disseny, scribbling over the original proposal with markers. In the end, his father decided to present the scribbled poster and the client liked it.

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Working with star clients

In Vasava, they have worked with clients like F.C. Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid, to name but a couple. To keep up, they are always looking for new ways and materials to transmit what the client is looking for. This research also helps them to create their own projects in which they allow their creativity to run free.

The rebranding of Atlético de Madrid, for example, was more than just a change in the club's logo for Vasava: Sellés says it was a job that connected him with his childhood in the Spanish capital, for a team that also has one of the most loyal and dedicated fan bases in the country.

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The origin of great ideas

Sellés confesses that great ideas don't usually occur in the studio, but in other moments of relaxation: walking around, listening to music, cooking. For the creative director, it's not only about design, but about trying to find ways in which other creative fields or experiences can nourish us: becoming obsessed with everything design connects to.

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