Domestika Diary: ADVNTR Studio

Creative couple animator Willie Russell and designer Jillian Russell share how to stay active without leaving the house

Finding a creative partner who complements us professionally is an interesting way to develop a career: we can always ask their opinion, sharing the process can help us see our strengths and weaknesses, and together we can take on jobs we might not be able to do alone.

Designers, animators, creative couple, and founders of ADVNTR Studio Willie and Jillian Russell take us through their journey and artistic anxieties in this edition of Domestika Diary. They give us a tour of their home and studio while sharing tips on how to continue cultivating our creativity wherever we are.

Learn more in the video below:

After working as freelancers for years, Willie and Jillian decided to join forces and found ADVNTR Studio. Since then, they have worked from their home-studio in Brooklyn, New York. This has taught them to develop their creativity without having to leave home.

Jillian is the designer and Willie the animator of the creative duo. Although their current work routine hasn't changed much, the postponement of certain projects has left them with more free time than usual. To fill it, Jillian recommends we recover those objectives that we usually forget about when we're really busy: for her, that was starting online courses on creativity and organizing workspaces once more.

Willie recommends working on something that will be useful once normality returns without forgetting that, if you really don't want to do anything and prefer to take advantage of this time to rest, that's perfectly valid too.

ADVNTR Studio website

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