Essential Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Adobe Camera Raw

Speed up your photo workflow with these Adobe Camera Raw shortcuts

RAW photo files are unprocessed images that contain all the information your camera is capable of capturing. One of the best tools for importing and editing these raw images is Adobe Camera Raw, a native Adobe plugin for working with RAW files in Photoshop and Lightroom that has become indispensable for many professional photographers.

It is advisable to use Camera Raw whenever you are going to work with this type of file, since its main function is to recover all the information from the camera and process the image so you can make the most of it with any other editing tool like Photoshop or Lightroom.

To increase your productivity when using the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in, use these basic keyboard shortcuts:

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Adobe Camera Raw 1
Adobe Camera Raw interface

Most used shortcuts:

1. Zoom in: Ctrl + (+) / Cmd + (+)
2. Zoom out: Ctrl + (-) / Cmd + (-)
3. Zoom 100%: Ctrl + Alt + 0 / Cmd + Option + 0
4. Zoom to fit: Ctrl + 0 / Cmd + 0
5. Undo: Ctrl + Alt + Z / Cmd + Option + Z
6. Redo: Ctrl + Shift / Cmd + Shift
7. Select all images: Ctrl + A / Cmd + A
8. Select all classified images: Ctrl + Alt + A / Cmd + Alt + A
9. Merge the selected images into a panorama: Ctrl + M / Cmd + M
10. Merge images for HDR: Alt + M / Option + M
11. Open image: Ctrl + O / Cmd + O
12. Apply automatic settings: Ctrl + U / Cmd + U
13. Apply default settings: Ctrl + R / Cmd + R

Most used tools:

1. White balance: I
2. Zoom: Z
3. Hand: H
4. Trim: C
5. Straighten / Align: A
6. Samples: S
7. Destination setting: T
8. Spot removal tool: B
9. Red eye removal tool: E
10. Graduated filter tool: G
11. Invert gradient: X
12. Ellipse: J
13. Transform: Shift + T 14: Toggle magnifying glass transformation: Shift + L 15: Filter brush: Shift + K

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Adobe Camera Raw 3
Adobe Camera Raw interface

If you are interested in knowing more about the handling of RAW files, the course 'Introduction to Camera Raw' by photographer Nuria Aguade, will teach you how to develop RAW files professionally, mastering all the secrets of this indispensable tool that will allow you to import and improve your images.

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