Domestika Talks: Gary Baseman

Learn how to look for inspiration in this talk given by the popular artist and designer, Gary Baseman

The illustrator, animator, and toy designer captivated the audience with his talk at Copa Domestika in Colombia last September, telling a passionate story about how his best friend—a cat—became a never-ending source of inspiration. Watch his talk below:

The main topic of Baseman’s conference was, surprisingly, a cat named Blackie. After quickly mentioning a few of his most notable projects (from his “For the Love of Toby” exhibition to working with Disney), the artist revealed that, after going through a rough patch a few years ago, Blackie’s company saved him, thanks to the healing powers of his purr.

Telling everyday anecdotes and simple stories about hanging out with Blackie, Baseman reflected on the creative process and how to find sources of inspiration, as well as how to use one’s freedom of thought and creativity in response to complex political and social situations.

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Gary Baseman’s work explores the “beauty of the bittersweetness of life” through painting, performance, illustration, film, and fashion. His most recent achievements include a collaboration with COACH; a documentary, “Mythical Creatures”, about his family heritage; and a traveling retrospective that featured hundreds of his paintings, photographs, videos, and toy and costume designs.

Baseman’s multifaceted career includes creating illustrations for clients such as the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and The Wall Street Journal, and the bestselling board game Cranium. He created the Emmy and BAFTA award-winning ABC/Disney animation series “Teacher’s Pet” and is a frequent speaker at international conferences on graphic and multidisciplinary arts and visual communication.

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