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Meet 10 of the Best Dog Photographers

We asked the Instagram Domestika community what their favorite pet photographers are

Instagram has always been a great place to find fun and creative photos of dogs. So some days ago, in our Instagram Stories, we asked for help in order to find the best pet photographers. And here it is. The full list of noses, tails, friendship, fun, and love.

The Dogist (@thedogist)

Armed with a digital high-speed camera and the desire to document the grace, beauty, and character of dogs, photojournalist Elias Weiss Friedman has focused on doing with dogs what The Sartorialist did with people: document the contemporary history of street style.

Friedman has photographed more than 2,500 dogs of all breeds, and the most valuable lesson they have taught him is this: "There is nothing like the frankness that you find in a dog's face, they don't pose nor they are afraid of being photographed. A lesson for our whole society, in which vanity and constant social validation are the status quo".

Meet 10 of the Best Dog Photographers 1
The Dogist

The Secret Life Of Troja (@george_and_troja)

Among the thousands of dogs that cheer our Instagrams, there is one in particular that stands out thanks to the photos his human, George Rotas, take: Troja, a majestic Irish setter.

George began taking pictures of his pet during long walks through the woods of Norway. The likes keep coming and so did the portraits of Troja with beautiful backgrounds of lakes, waterfalls, snowfields, lush forests and, occasionally, George, showing the link between man, dog, and nature.

Meet 10 of the Best Dog Photographers 3
George Rotan

Watson and Kiko (

This account was made under the same premise of portraying the bond between human and dog but gradually evolved into a compilation of the adventures of two beautiful golden retrievers: Kiko (red goldie) a member of the Tripawds community (three-legged dogs) and his brother Watson (white goldie). Their Mexican owner, Jenny Medrano, found the perfect way to bring a message of strength, friendship, and positivity through his beautiful pets.

Meet 10 of the Best Dog Photographers 5
Jenny Medrano

Elke Vogelsang (@wieselblitz)

Originally from Germany, Elke is an editorial and commercial photographer specializing in pet portraiture. She is famous for capturing the strangest expressions and you will surely have come across some of her fun pieces on the Internet. She has photographed more than 100 breeds of dogs, has a database of over 1,400 images and has worked for Pedigree, Fujifilm and Medion. In addition, her photographs have appeared in publications such as National Geographic and The Sunday Times Magazine.

Meet 10 of the Best Dog Photographers 7
Elke Vogelsang

Carli Davidson (@carli_davidson)

Professional pet photographer, Carli is recognized worldwide for her ability to capture the unique personalities of her furry customers, especially for her series of portraits called "Shake Pups". For more than seven years she worked in zoos and wildlife centers, which gave her an exceptional understanding of the behavior and communication between animals. This makes taking great photos of almost any animal much simpler.
Meet 10 of the Best Dog Photographers 9
Carli Davidson

Dog Breath Photography (@dogbreathphotography)

Kaylee Greer is a pet photographer, host of the television show National Geographic Pupparazzi, and owner of this incredible account. Greer is famous for the use of the flash in her dog portraits, a technique that tends to highlight their colors and give them greater brightness, which is complemented by a peculiar saturation editing in her backgrounds.

Meet 10 of the Best Dog Photographers 11
Kaylee Greer

Holy Roman (@santos_roman)

With over 10 years of experience in advertising photography, Santos decided in 2008 to devote himself exclusively to animal photography, with a focus on customized and personalized work. He tends to avoid the stock image look to create better pictures, pictures that approach art and reflect his love of dogs: "My work seeks to convey the message that we are not aware of what we have until we lose it, while pondering about the relationship we build with animals and helping us understand the animal world more deeply".

He has worked for clients such as Affinity, Purina, Cotécnica, Natures Variety, Zoetis, Scalibor and Visán. And last but not least, here in Domestika he teaches the course 'Introduction to Dog Photography', where he shares all his tricks to take pet pictures like a pro.

Meet 10 of the Best Dog Photographers 13
Santos Román

Mutley's Snaps Pet Photography (@mutleyssnaps)

Ewan Cheyne is fond of cameras, photo albums and his two dogs: Bukowski and Aurora. To mix everything he loves, he founded a company specialized in pet portraiture in any possible setting. Ewan can crawl through the mud, hike mountains or just throw balls for dogs to pick up so that he can capture that perfect moment. He is famous for his work in physical format and some shots in which he uses mirrors under the animal.

Meet 10 of the Best Dog Photographers 15
Ewan Cheyne

Alice Zmysłowska (@alicjazmyslowska)

Originally from Poland, Alice is a dog lover, photographer, and traveler. The most important part of her work is the opportunity to bring together her beloved passions. She tries to capture emotional and artistic shots of dogs, where nature shines along the pets with breathtaking scenery: "I want to show the best of each dog, to catch their souls. When I take pictures of people with their pets, I want them to have perfect photos of their favorite moments with their four-legged friends".

Meet 10 of the Best Dog Photographers 17
Alicja Zmysłowska

Amy & Hugo (@adventurouspets)

A sheltie, a rough collie, and their adventures around the world. Their owner, Lisa, documents the friendship of her two dogs and the love she has for them; from their trip to the ice cream parlor to their athletic competitions, beach walks and fun birthdays.

Meet 10 of the Best Dog Photographers 19
Amy & Hugo

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