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Embroidery Tutorial: Herringbone Stitch

Follow this step by step guide to learn how to illustrate with a herringbone cross-stitch technique, with Yolanda Andrés

Yolanda Andrés (@yolandandres) grew up in a village surrounded by the women in her life, both friends and family, and by thread. She decided to give up the thimble and work in graphic design and advertising until 2008 when her daughter was born prematurely, and she started to spend long hours in the hospital with her trusted needle and thread.
This is how what started as a distraction, a way to relax and fill in long waiting hours, turned into a business.
Now a creative embroiderer, she has collaborated with many designers and establishments such as Hermès, Thyssen Museum, and Carolina Herrera.

In this tutorial, she will teach you to create a herringbone stitch, one of the most interesting types of cross stitch.


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