Domestika 2017 Scholarships

One year of learning with top creative professionals.

We have created this project with the support of many and we are dedicated to giving back to the community that has helped us succeed. The Domestika Scholarship seeks to provide access to learning and contribute to the development of the creative industry.

The call for entries has ended.


An exclusive jury made up of the very best creative professionals.

  • Recipient of the 1997 National Award for Design, he is a pioneer in Spanish design, author of memorable logos such as the newspaper El Mundo, the utilities company Endesa, and the railways company Renfe.

  • Children and young adult books illustrator, recipient of the 2015 National Illustration Award granted by the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

  • Recipient of the 2002 National Award for Design. Besides his outstanding career as designer, poster artist and illustrator, he creates posters for the Centro Dramático Nacional.

  • Infographics Senior Editor at National Geographic in Washington. Fine Arts Degree from the Universidad del País Vasco.

  • Silvia Grav

    Silvia Grav


    Selected by Flickr as one of the top 20 young photographers, she has worked for HBO, Droga5, Elastic, Lexus, and Ninja Tune.

  • Puño



    Works as an illustrator since 1994, winner of the Fundación SM International Award for Illustration. Has worked for Coca-Cola, Nike, and Greenpeace.

  • Zigor Samaniego

    Zigor Samaniego

    Cinema 4D Expert

    Specialized in 3D illustration with Cinema 4D, he has worked with large corporations such as Ogilvy, Nickelodeon, and Wired.

  • Javier Jaén

    Javier Jaén

    Designer and Illustrator

    AGI member since 2015, specialized in editorial and cultural communications for publications such as The New York Times and The New Yorker, among others.

  • TAVO


    Art Director and Motion Grapher

    Designer, Art Director and Motion Grapher, he created Tavo Studio in 2004, where he works for major brands such as Nike, NBC Universal, and MTV.

  • Until 2009, he was President of the Art Directors and Graphic Designers Association ADG-FAD and National Cultural Award recipient. He is an expert in typography and editorial design.

  • Daniel Granatta

    Daniel Granatta

    Advertising creative and consultant

    Advertising creative and consultant in innovation and design based in Mexico. He has worked in the advertisement industry with agencies such as Grupo W, JWT, where he was Chief Creative Officer.

  • Miguel Gallardo

    Miguel Gallardo

    Cartoonist and illustrator

    Author of MAKOKI, an iconic underground character. Currently collaborates as media illustrator for La Vanguardia, Herald Tribune, NYT, and The New Yorker.

  • Oscar Giménez

    Oscar Giménez


    Artist specialized in posters for the music industry. He has also worked for major clients such as Adobe, Playboy, Universal Music, Rolling Stone, Audi, and Heineken.

  • Óscar Lloréns

    Óscar Lloréns

    Illustrator and designer

    Illustrator and designer who has worked with top advertising agencies in Spain and the USA, as well as major brands such as Coca-Cola, Fiat, Red Bull, Cirque du Soleil, and Movistar.

  • David de las Heras

    David de las Heras

    Illustrator and fine artist

    Illustrator and painter who has authored several covers for best-selling novels. His work has been exhibited internationally, and also at La Casa Encendida and El Matadero in Madrid.


  • How can I apply?

    In order to apply for a scholarship, you must be registered with Domestika and your profile must be complete with your name, an avatar and a brief summary about you. Make sure you publish at least three projects to have your portfolio considered.

  • When can I participate?

    The call for the 2017 Domestika Scholarships applications if closed. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to find out when the next call for entries opens!

  • What are the Domestika Scholarships?

    Domestika will award 10 scholarships to the 10 best portfolios. A jury of professional industry experts who also teach at Domestika will evaluate the entries. Each scholarship entails 50 elective courses.

  • When will the winners be announced?

    The names of the winners will be published after Dec 11 on this website and they will be announced on all Domestika distribution channels.

  • When can I start using the scholarship?

    If your portfolio is among the 10 selected winners, the scholarship will be effective Dec 11, 2017.

  • What's the length of the scholarship?

    The 50 courses will be available to winners within the period of validity (from Dec 11, 2017 until Dec 11, 2018).

  • Terms

    Only one entry per person, must be older than 16 years of age. The 50 courses available during the scholarship year are for individual and personal use and they may not be gifted. Changes or returns are not permitted.