angel sanchez

angel sanchez

UX Designer

Córdoba, Spain

angel sanchez

My background is in social sciences, in which I hold a Bachelor of Social Communication. I began working in web design from nearly 10 years ago and that led me to develop a prototyping mastery both in HTML and CSS. I also have a strong skills in the graphic side of user interface design and I'm very talented with programs in the adobe Creative Suite, such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. But I consider myself as a digital product designer.
If you are looking for a UX magician who knows not only where to put the call to action button but exactly what it should look like, look no further! I know how to take a user-centered approach without losing sight of business goals, and I can back it up with experience in working with different technology startups in my career.

I can create a wireframe, but I can also turn it into something elegant. I am comfortable exploring the needs of differing audiences. I work efficiently, and I am comfortable with the concept of Lean UX. Also, I know how to work with agile development teams in both Kanban and Scrum methods and by applying quickly design decision iterations with them by using the Agile UX method in which I see myself as an evangelist.

I love the guerrilla usability testing, the quick a/b, listen and seeing what user says and what user does. In less words, I see the UX as a science that seeks to comprehend the context to improve the efectiveness.

I run my own blog that talks about UX design and perform UX mentorship in both Start Up Academy and Start Up Weekend. From time to time I talk about UX in coworking spaces to young entrepeneurs audience on how this methods will make a difference in a product succeeding.

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