Adriana Zurera

I‘m a 27 years old architect from Madrid (Spain), currently based in the UK. I was drawn to architecture at an early age through my passion for drawing and there I discovered my passion for design and creative work.

I completed my main studies at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid . School of Architecture and added to this training a year in La Sapienza , taking History, Urban Planning, Restoration and Design Studio courses in Rome. A year later I was a Foreign Research Student at the University of Tokyo , taking part in the Global 30 master Parametric Design Studio under Professor Obuchi and subsequently another Design Studio taught by Professor Kuma. Following my wandering spirit I applied for the Vastu Shilpa Annual Habitat Design Studio and spent two months engaged in an international workshop focused on habitat design.

A special interest in languages from an early age has taken me to living in many different countries for months at a time. While still in high school, I started to make use of my knowledge of languages and worked as a freelance translator of English, French and Italian to Spanish and Spanish to English mainly. More recently I became Associate Editor for Kokoro Editorial, a children book publishers where I am in charge of production editing, book layout, preparation of material for printing, translations and graphic design. Although I love the creative process any design project entails, the complexity and multidisciplinary nature of an architecture project is what I enjoy the most. From the infinite potential of first concept sketches to the precision of construction details, the design process in architecture remains possibly the most challenging and hugely satisfying of all.


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