Mustafa Pracha

Mustafa Pracha

Creative Head

Lahore, Pakistan

Mustafa Pracha

“Some men see things as they are and say why? - I dream things that never were and say why not?." - George Bernard Shaw

At the age of 23 I delivered my first lecture with no prior experience, it was so successful that the institute continued with my services for approximately 5 years, further taking me to conduct courses at university level followed by co-operate training. All this has greatly enhanced my learning and personality. Such a start has always given me an edge, motivation and confidence to move ahead and except new challenges. Hence this accomplishment has always been an asset to me.
Keeping myself open to changes and take on new challenges has not only given me vast experience in life but this has also helped me in my career building. I tend to keep things simple and straight forward, this in result helps me stay focused and do better, be it my personal life or working at job. I have always explored new dimensions and tend to learn fast.

I find UX very challenging and exciting as a career, I get to design products that interact with the user and seeing a product successfully build and achieve it's goal is very motivating and satisfying.
I feel I have the edge in not only UX, but since I have good experience in arts and design it gives me a great boost and control on the over all product through out the development cycle. It allows me not only to visualize but with prototyping tools and various user testing methodologies it gives me a clear understanding of the UI fairly quickly, which enables me to demonstrate and explain my designs that are easy to understand and follow with development teams.


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