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Crafty Tuesday: Mini Tapestry Crochet, with Flor Samoilenco

Flor Samoilenco
Designer und Weber

Flor Samoilenco is an Argentine textile artist who designs and weaves tapestries with the intarsia crochet technique from her workshop in Buenos Aires. This weaver pays special attention to the composition of shapes and the balance of colors in her tapestries, whose designs are inspired by geometry, architecture and nature. In this Live, Flor Samoilenco teaches how to weave a mini tapestry with the intarsia crochet technique. If you want to join, these are the materials you need:

-Thickness DK / light worsted yarns.
-Crochet needle 3.00mm
-Wooden rod of 20cm
-Yarn used: Rosarios4 Regata in colors 07 (ecru) / 03 (pink) / 109 (green) / 09 (peach) / 05 (tile).

To download the pattern for the mini crochet tapestry, go here:

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