Judit Camacho Díaz

Judit Camacho Díaz

Científica, Profesora, Divulgadora

Barcelona, Spanien

Judit Camacho Díaz

I have a diverse background with much to offer in abilities and skills. After completing Physics degree, I followed two distinct scientific career paths: one related to instrumental techniques in physics and material science (Master, 4 years’ research), and the other related to astrophysics and computational science (PhD, 8 years’ research, author of 16 peer-reviewed scientific publications).

Furthermore, I have also developed a professional teaching career (adjunct lecturer, 4 years’ experience) and a communications and outreach career. I have recently joined the European Project ‘Global Dimension in Engineering Education (GDEE)’, which has provided me with valuable knowledge, training, and competences in sustainable human development, inequality and stakeholder liaison. I am an author in the field of communications (e.g. Tendencias21.net, Medium.com).

During my career I participated in multiple collaborative research projects, funded by Regional, International and European organisms. After completing my PhD, I applied for a Marie Curie fellowship. All together I have been provided with a strong knowledge of competitive funds for research, as well as conditions and requirements of the different funding agencies.

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