Jose Prada & Rene Strgar

Jose Prada & Rene Strgar

London, Vereinigtes Königreich

Jose Prada & Rene Strgar

We could answer, a video production company based in London, co-founded by Jose Prada and Rene Strgar, two award-winning filmmakers who merged their creative minds to produce insane video, photography, and social media content.

Take a look at our projects, including brands such as Ford, L’Oréal, Red Bull, Zara, NHS, Fourpure Brewery, Sambrook’s Brewery, Tefal, Eating Europe, Italcream coffee, Neverland Festival among others.

But that’s way too long. Let’s just say, we love our job. We love making films. We are creative (and a bit crazy) minds, with years of experience in the filmmaking industry. We are also cool guys to work with.

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  • Dokumentarfilme von Anfang bis Ende

    Lerne, wie man ein audiovisuelles Stück von der Idee bis zum Postproduktionsprozess entwickelt und erzähle deine visuelle Geschichte

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