Interactive Designer for Museum

Melon Rouge Agency

Phnom Srok, Kambodscha

Melon Rouge Agency (MRA) has been contracted in March 2020 to design the overall visitor experience of the National Museum for Renewable Energy in Kampot (Cambodia). Commissioned by the national electricity operator Electricite du Cambodge (EDC), the Museum is slated to open in 2023.
The visitor experience developed by MRA is based on a simple proposition: “Energy at your Fingertips”. This concept guides the entire scenography, which revolves around a number of interactive experiences where visitors are encouraged to put their bodies on the line and actively interact with the content.

The interaction designer brings expertise to facilitate the encounter between the public and various products of design assembled to form physical or digital experiences.
With a great ability to identify users patterns of comportments and needs, the interaction designer conceives simple, practical experiences that smooth out the use of the designed product and leave lasting impressions. Keeping abreast with the latest developments in the relevant fields, he/she is able to use a wide range of technologies in the design of both large-scale physical experiences – immersive video rooms, interactive displays… – and smaller UX’s on digital media.
The interaction designer contributes to the implementation of the experiences he/she designs. With the help of the interaction producer, he/she oversees the work of the consultant and suppliers to ensure that the final product delivered to the client is aligned with the initial design intention and meets strict criteria of quality and usability.

The successful individual is passionate about the design of user interactions across both physical installations and digital media. With an ability to think out of the box and an eye for smart, efficient designs, he/she makes meaningful contributions to the creative propositions developed by the team.
The interaction designer has the drive to research and adapt creative briefs within his/her field of expertise and make original propositions. A team-player who smoothly collaborates with colleagues specialised in other fields, he/she is able to clearly explain his/her intentions to others and constantly refines them through their input and feedbacks. With a DIY, solution oriented personality, he/she is able to prototype experiences, to resolve technical challenges either on his/her own terms or by identifying the right set of expertise to reach a satisfactory result.
The successful candidate has a successful track-record in designing interactive experiences on digital media and/or in the physical realm. Working experience in the integration between space and digital design to create unique, "global" experiences is a plus.

Skills & Competencies
• Strong work ethic with excellent organisational and communication skills
• Ability to communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing
• Excellent time management; ability to lead multiple design projects from concept to completion
• Strong attention to detail, ability to integrate clients' expectations within his/her own reflexion
• Ability to work as a team player, to be open to discussion and to stay tuned to the team's various inputs
• Ability to effectively communicate ideas to internal/external stakeholders; storyboarding or hand sketching skills a plus
• Natural inclination towards interactive design in general, knowledge of basic currents and trends in the various fields it entails, hunger to keep informed and learn
• Demonstrate a wide range of visualization skills and their application
• A basic understanding of electronics, especially with regard to physical interaction technologies (sensors, captors, etc)
• Ability to oversee the shooting and editing of high-quality videos and to integrate them into a wide range of supports and experiences. Track record in directing a shooting crew a plus.
• Familiarity with space design and its points of interaction with experience design a plus

• At least 3 years of experience in a field of experience design on digital media and/or in the physical realm
• Academic qualification in a field of creative design (graphic design, space design…) and/or digital design (UX/UI, coding…)
• Working experience in the integration of space and digital design a plus
• Previous working experience for a design/creative agency preferred
• Professional portfolio required

Hours – 40 hours/week (full time)
Salary – Based on experience.
Location – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Interactive Designer for Museum
Melon Rouge Agency
Phnom Srok, Kambodscha
House# 36, Street 426, Toul Tom Pong II