Buen Fin 2019

The most anticipated discounts of the year have arrived at Domestika with "Buen Fin"—a gift for you and for you to gift. To get started or to expand your knowledge. Discover the portfolio of "Buen Fin" 2019 courses.

For drawing and painting addicts

If you are one of those people who do not leave home without their colored pencils, take advantage of Buen Fin to start or perfect new drawing techniques and manual or digital painting with Domestika's online courses. All courses are led by illustrators, designers, and professionals in artistic drawing.

For image lovers

If you are one of those people who believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, take advantage of Buen Fin to get started in professional photography, digital retouching, artistic self-portraiture or video production and editing with online courses aimed at photography professionals and photography lovers.

For social media devotees

If you are one of those people who strongly believe in the power of social media, take advantage of Domestika’s Buen Fin to expand your knowledge, and discover new tools to make the most of social media with online courses taught by the best creative professionals.

For demanding creative professionals

If you are one of those people who are always looking for challenges to overcome, take advantage of Domestika's Buen Fin offers to delve into new areas of creativity such as branding or design. Online courses for designers and other creative professionals taught by experts in each area.

For those who love DIY

If you are one of those people who enjoy crafts and DIY is your secret passion, enjoy the craft courses Buen Fin brings to get started in new techniques such as bookbinding, textile printing or character creation taught by the best creative professionals.

For the restless professional

If you are thinking about creating a startup, starting your freelance career, or if you simply need new weapons to boost your projects, discover Domestika's Buen Fin online course selection. The best creative teachers will show you how to succeed at being your own boss and creating your own personal brand.

For the passionate fashionista

If you are one of those people who seek to enter the world of fashion but do not know where to start, get acquainted with the industry's various disciplines through our Buen Fin online course offers and learn from top industry experts.

The latest

Learn new things and enjoy Domestika's Buen Fin offers with new online courses for creatives, taught by the best experts in their fields.

Top rated

Welcome the advice! Discover the Domestika community's top rated online courses and take advantage of Buen Fin discounts to learn new subjects taught by the best creative professionals.

Most popular

Get carried away, discover our selection of the most popular online courses in the Domestika community and take advantage of Buen Fin discounts to discover in new subjects taught by the best creative professionals.

So sind die Kurse von Domestika

  • Lerne in deinem Tempo

    Genieße die Kurse von zu Hause aus, ohne Zeitplan oder Abgabetermine. Du entscheidest wann, wie und wo.

  • In erster Reihe

    Videos mit der höchsten Qualität, damit dir nichts entgeht. Da der Zugang unbegrenzt ist, kannst du sie immer wieder sehen.

  • Mit dem Lehrer

    Lerne wertvolle Techniken und Arbeitsweisen, die von wahren Experten in der jeweiligen kreativen Branche erklärt werden.

  • Teile Wissen

    Stelle Fragen, bitte um Feedback, biete Lösungen. Teile den Lernvorgang mit den restlichen Schülern der Gemeinschaft.

  • Erfahrene Lehrer

    Jeder Lehrer zeigt nur, was er am besten macht, so gehen wir sicher, dass er in jeder Einheit seine Passion und bestes Wissen übermittelt.

  • Kreative Gemeinschaft

    Über 1M Kreative und wachsend. Domestika ist die ideale Umgebung, um alles rund um deine Passion zu teilen und zu lernen.

  • Urkunde Pro

    Bestätige deine Kursteilnahmen mit einem vom Lehrer unterzeichnete Urkunde. Erhalte sie mit deinem Domestika PRO Abo

  • Professionell produzierte Kurse

    Wir wählen die besten Kreative und ein professionelles Team, das mit ihnen die Kurse produziert. Das Ergebnis: Du hast das Gefühl, dass du mit den Besten arbeitest.

Auf Domestika findest du Kurse von vier nationalen Designpreisträgern, einem Pulitzer-Preisträger, einem Goya-Preisträger und einem Illustrator für National Geographic ... die besten Experten in ihren jeweiligen Disziplinen, egal, ob 3-D, Animation, Design, Fotografie, Technologie und andere. Domestika ist die größte Onlinegemeinschaft für Kreative. Es ist ein Ort für Referenzen, Debatten und Promotionen, bei denen das Lernen von kreativen Disziplinen im Mittelpunkt steht.

Don't leave for tomorrow what you can have this Buen Fin!

  • What courses to buy on Buen Fin?

    Buen Fin is the best opportunity to get you covered on those pending subjects. The great discounts you will find in Domestika's online courses are the perfect excuse to start or broaden different fields of creativity.

  • Why buy on Buen Fin?

    With the best online offers of the year, Buen Fin is once again the perfect time to anticipate Christmas shopping and to give yourself those courses that you have saved on the wish list. Buen Fin is celebrated the first Monday after Thanksgiving (and also Black Friday). This year it will be on December 2nd.

  • And what is Buen Fin?

    The Buen Fin arises for the first time in 2011. This day has become a Mexican tradition that marks the beginning of Christmas shopping, being also the weekend with the highest sales of the year.