Carrie Jeziorny

Carrie Jeziorny

English Manager

Calafell, Spanien

Carrie Jeziorny

I am an experienced design and production manager who is a native English speaker with good spoken Spanish.
I have excellent managerial experience in a design and production company AGI Solutions (London, UK). I managed a team of 45 internal staff across 3 departments to produce Paramount Pictures UK DVD artwork covers. My largest project was valued over €3million with 15 client contacts across Europe, reporting to the American head office.
I have also done Illustration of children's books, character development, cover design, web design, graphic design and photography.
I am the most positive, most enthusiastic person you could hope to meet who is excellent at motivating staff and team members.


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  • Carrie Jeziorny – @carriemortleman
  • English Manager
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