• The Best Free Sound and Music Libraries for Editing Your Podcast

    The Best Free Sound and Music Libraries for Editing Your Podcast

    Take your podcast to the next level with these 13 royalty-free music and sound effects apps Up there with the script and actual recording, the way you edit your podcast is key. During this process, your choices regarding music and sound effects have the power to make the final result shine, and will help you connect more with your audience. If you've already created your own podcast or are about to record an episode, this list of free and pay-for resources and apps will help you uncover a vast source of royalty-free music and sound effects, presenting you with a range of options when it comes to editing your work and making it sound its best.

  • Essential Equipment for Creating Podcasts

    Essential Equipment for Creating Podcasts

    Do you want to create your own podcast? Check the basic equipment you’ll need to get started There are some fixed rules to creating a podcast, but you don’t have to follow a model to the letter, and you can be quite flexible: you can record one wherever you want and about any topic. However, for your podcast to be of acceptable quality, you will need to use some basic technical tools. Journalist and podcast producer David Mulé Rebecchi (@davimulepodcast) runs through the essential kit you need to produce a good podcast.

  • 10 Tips for Launching a Creative Podcast

    10 Tips for Launching a Creative Podcast

    Expand your audience and reach your community in a more intimate way with well-produced audio shows A podcast can be a fantastic way to expand the potential audience for your work or to explore topics that you are passionate about with other creatives and friends. Creating one is easy, and there are hundreds of apps that will help you do it. However, with almost a million podcasts available today, getting the potential audience to find yours can be hard. These 10 tips will help you create one that stands out from the very first episode.