• Step into the Magical World of Gary Baseman

    Step into the Magical World of Gary Baseman

    Creator without limits and father of a world that bears his signature, Gary Baseman talks about his life and career He might be defined as an illustrator, in that what he draws comes to life, but Gary Baseman doesn’t just illustrate and design, he creates whole worlds that surround him and those who follow him. Don't miss our interview with him in which he tells us more about himself, his projects and his life, never far away from a notebook.

  • Domestika Creatives: Marina Esmeraldo

    Domestika Creatives: Marina Esmeraldo

    We dive into the geometric and colorful world of Brazilian illustrator and artist Marina Esmeraldo Marina Esmeraldo was born in Brazil, but her desire to learn and evolve her career has transported her to London and Barcelona. Despite training in architecture in the north east of Brazil, her frustration with the industry and her passion for graphic arts rerouted her career and she became an illustrator. Her style, inspired by everything tropical and her training as an architect, is all about shapes, patterns, and experimental compositions. Her career as an illustrator has led her to work with brands and publications such as Google, Coca–Cola, Adidas, Häagen–Dazs, The Washington Post, Wired, Women's March, and many more. Marina Esmeraldo welcomes us into her Barcelona studio to tell us about her career, her creative process, and shares advice for diving into the world of illustration. Discover more below:

  • Domestika Creatives: Edel Rodriguez

    Domestika Creatives: Edel Rodriguez

    We talked to the artist and illustrator responsible for some of Time Magazine's most emblematic covers, Edel Rodriguez At the age of 26, Edel Rodriguez became Time Magazine's youngest ever art director for both their Canadian and Latin American editions. This extraordinary achievement is just one part of the fascinating life of one of the most interesting artists in America, a multidisciplinary creative who has created emblematic covers, illustrated children's books, and worked on posters for theater and cinema. A brilliant career in which his Cuban origins have played an essential role and which, in recent years, has gained acclaim due to his brilliant work as a cover artist on the policies of the Trump administration. Rodríguez is the author of some of Time's most popular (and, above all, most political) covers but his career is much more than this. We took the opportunity to interview him in New York, at the School of Visual Arts, to go over the milestones of his life and learn about his working philosophy. Watch our conversation below:

  • Domestika Creatives: Petra Eriksson

    Domestika Creatives: Petra Eriksson

    We spoke with digital artist Petra Eriksson and explored the colored universe of her illustrations Petra Eriksson was born in Stockholm, Sweden, but her career has taken her to Malta, Dublin, and, finally, Barcelona. Despite originally studying fine art, her wish to use art as a practical vehicle to "solve problems" led her to the world of graphic design and editorial illustration, where she has experienced a meteoric rise thanks to her personal style. This distinctive aesthetic has seen her work appear in publications like Vice, Buzzfeed, and The New Yorker, and on the cover of Mackenzie Lee's book Bygone Badass Broads, a collection of celebrated women's stories and biographies. Petra Eriksson welcomed us into her Barcelona studio to talk about her career, her rise, and her approach to art. Watch our interview in the video below:

  • Domestika Creatives: Shinji Nagabe

    Domestika Creatives: Shinji Nagabe

    The Brazilian photographer talks about his creative process, his series full of ironic and surreal images, and his inspirations. Shinji Nagabe followed the same path as many photographers of his generation and those before. He began his career in journalism and hard news and witnessed the often harsh reality of São Paulo's periphery, a city where he also lived for some years. In his transition to a more artistic style of photography, which has earned him international awards and recognition, he developed a more commercial version of his discipline. Little by little, he achieved the look he was after: a hybrid of art and storytelling brought together in a very personal style. In his series, ordinary people are adorned with multicolored accessories, masks, plastic bananas, and bright objects that contrast against arid landscapes. The viewer's initial shock and bewilderment give way to reflection. The condemnation of poor living conditions around sugar cane plantations or of Brazil's complex political sphere, which the photographer's ironic gaze converts into a banana republic, set the tone for his work and other criticisms. In this video, Nagabe talks about his creative process:

  • Domestika Creatives: Venturia
    3D & Animation

    Domestika Creatives: Venturia

    Venturia Animation Studios specializes in recreating the traditional cartoon aesthetic using digital techniques Venturia Animation Studios fuses animation styles from different periods in history: taking inspiration from genre classics to create characters and backdrops using digital techniques that enable them to work more comfortably and thoroughly, and deliver the best results for their clients. It is thanks to this cocktail-approach that the Colombian animation studio has ended up collaborating with international clients such as Netflix, Warner Records, and Walt Disney World, alongside developing their own original content that captures the magic and personality of their native country. Here, Juan Manuel Urbina, creative director at Venturia Animation Studios, tells us why he is drawn to the traditional cartoon aesthetic and what it is about their characters that make them so exciting. Watch below:

  • Domestika Creatives: Lauren Tamaki

    Domestika Creatives: Lauren Tamaki

    Illustrator, designer, and art director Lauren Tamaki has mastered how to adapt her unique style to a range of mediums: from editorial illustration to animation and portraits You’ve probably spotted her work when you’ve opened The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal, or come across her commissions for Apple, Google, Nickelodeon or the agency Pentagram. Lauren Tamaki’s unique and vibrant style and passion for acrylics have made her one of the most interesting US illustrators of recent years. Tamaki recently welcomed us into her New York studio to talk about her passion for fashion design, her celebrity portraits, drawing from a feminist perspective, and her greatest feat: drawing Bill Cosby’s trial. Discover more in the following video:

  • Domestika Creatives: Zach Lieberman
    3D & Animation

    Domestika Creatives: Zach Lieberman

    We caught up with the American digital artist who has a passion for finding poetry using technology Art = non-stop investigation. This is one of Zach Lieberman’s mantras. The creative and educator has spent the last twenty years playing with code to create new interactive experiences; and experimenting with animation, 3D, and tools for creative collaboration. Known for such projects as his Daily Sketches or the open source tool openFrameworks, Lieberman invited us into his New York studio. Join us and watch the video here:

  • Domestika Creatives: Jordi Labanda

    Domestika Creatives: Jordi Labanda

    The renowned illustrator opens the doors to his studio to talk to us about his universe and creative process His first job in Spain was for the newspaper La Vanguardia was "a dream come true". The paper was iconic to him, a place where great illustrators lined its pages. This collaboration started in 1994 and continues to this day in the paper’s Sunday supplement. Its beginning was a pivotal moment in Jordi’s career. From then on, his characters began to form part of the collective imagination, establishing the Jordi Labanda universe. After a professional career of 25 years, Jordi Labanda (Uruguay, 1968) defines himself as an artist by commission. He currently works with publications like Vogue Japan and Harper’s Bazaar and his illustrations have covered magazines like Vogue USA and The New York Times. He has also collaborated with huge companies such as Louis Vuitton and Tommy Hilfiger, to name a few. Sat in his studio, Jordi explains his trajectory, his working methods, his characters and the key to being a good illustrator.

  • Domestika Creatives: Marly Gallardo

    Domestika Creatives: Marly Gallardo

    We chat with the vector artist about growing up, what inspires her, and her creative process Full of energy, charismatic, and open. Meet Marly Gallardo. Born in Ecuador and raised in New York, the artist says she’s addicted to metropolises and finds herself strangely drawn to them. She creates vector illustrations–a format which has become her trademark. Her work has appeared in campaigns and editorial publications for The New York Times, United Nations, Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, Adobe and more.

  • Domestika Creatives: Paula Bonet

    Domestika Creatives: Paula Bonet

    The noted author, painter, and writer–who has had nine books published–invites us into her studio to talk about her career, her journey as an artist, and her upcoming projects Paula Bonet (born 1980 in Villarreal, Spain) is a multidisciplinary artist who defies labels. Over the course of her career, she has worked with so many different techniques and styles that it is impossible to define her art in just a few words. She first received recognition for a style of drawing which she has now distanced herself from and says she no longer “trusts”. Moving away from that has enabled her to focus on what’s really important to her: finding her own identity.