Domestika Diary: Gustavo Minas

Photographer Gustavo Minas shares his creative process for urban photography sessions

Urban photography is a technique that captures the ephemera of everyday life and the frenetic rhythm of cities. It is also a historical record of a certain period and its particularities. Architecture, routine, and human narratives mix to form visual poetry.

Domestika Diary: Gustavo Minas 2
Gustavo Minas

Gustavo Minas is a photographer who specializes in capturing unique moments in urban landscapes. His creative process is marked by flexibility: without prior planning, but with a lot of patience and sensitivity, he travels the streets searching for striking and symbolic images.

In this Domestika Diaries, we accompany Gustavo on a day shooting in downtown São Paulo, a diverse place full of stories. Watch:

We begin in Praça da República with Gustavo preparing his equipment. He needs to be discreet to pass unnoticed. He uses a FUJIFILM X-Pro3, and in his work, reflexes play an essential role. "When we photograph reflections, we have a 360-degree photo. It is an image that shows as much of what is in front of us as what is behind and around us. It's like two photos in one," he says.

Gustavo Minas was born in Cássia (MG) in 1981. He graduated in journalism from the State University of Londrina and studied Language and History of Photography with Carlos Moreira in São Paulo. Since 2009, he has been photographing daily life in Brasilia, where he currently lives and works as a freelance journalist and photographer.

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Gustavo Minas

His series Bus Station earned him the POY LATAM award in The Future of Cities category. He is also a member of the Burn My Eye and Flanares collectives. His first book Maximum Shadow, Minimal Light was released in May 2019.

His favorite photographs are those that convey mystery and suggest narratives beyond the image. "I am always trying to transform the way reality looks, rather than documenting something exactly as it is" says Gustavo.

If you want to learn from Gustavo Minas about the fundamentals of street photography, don't miss his upcoming online course.

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