Andreina Valdez

My name is Andreina Valdez, I’m 24 years old and I’m venezuelan with a Spanish nationality.
I moved to Bournemouth 8 month ago and right now I’m working at Xerox, but since I have a degree in Advertising I’m looking forward to work in something related with my area.
Marketing and communication is my passion and working with a recognized agency is my dream job. Back in Venezuela I worked in a Marketing department and I had very strong relationship with the creative agency of the company.
Also I love social media and I think I’m pretty good at it. I understand the latest tools and strategies because I have realized several courses about social media management.
In addition, I love languages. My first language is Spanish and I can also talk and write fluently in English. Back in Venezuela I realized an Italian course for one year, so I know the basics of that language too.
Finally, I consider myself as a proactive and hardworker person who is always looking to improve and amplify her knowledge and skills.

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